Accelerated Learning Through an Integrated and Immersive Experience! 

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Welcome to Airway Accelerated Learning (AAL)! 

This webpage is a collaborative effort within the University of Minnesota by a group of physicians and non-physicians who closely work with airway management routinely. This webpage will be routinely updated time to include more clinical images and videos to improve your experience. 

Who can use it?

AAL is intended to cover needs of people ranging from basic understanding all the way to minute details that may be helpful for healthcare professionals. 

How to Navigate?

You can navigate the contents of this webpage in three ways:

  • You can click over the area of your interest on the 3D image (3D navigation is still being configured)
  • Select via the airway “Category” from the top header (Currently the Larynx category is the only category available)
  • Search keyword in the Atlas “Search” option (Search is still being configured)

How is AAL unique? 

There are many online atlas for learning airway anatomy. However we will provide a unique platform where you can compare various aspects of the interested anatomy such as clinical images, videos, radiological images in the same page for easy learning. We also want to facilitate learning by presenting airway content in a logical and sequential way.